Digital real estate marketing

Immonow is an innovative distribution software for digital real estate brokering. All real estate industries services are integrated into our software and can be booked as either individual services or product packages. Immonow is providing an intelligent software, which safes valuable time for real estate marketing – be it through facilitated ways to create objects or simplified customer communication like via automated chat.

Individual marketing

Immonow offers a broad spectrum of product packages, which can be easily and flexibly booked as well as individually extended through our homepage by mouse click. All our product packages can be tailor-made – be it for private housing or real estate professionals.
The processes of real estate brokerage will be optimised through our intelligent software in either case.

The perfect mix

Our team consists of real estate brokerage experts as well as software development experts, who are working together. With our comprehensive know-how and many years of industry experience we would like to co-design the future of real estate marketing. Our awareness of current customer needs – as well for private as for commercial customers - creates products and services that are up to date in terms of innovation and bring significant progress to successful real estate brokerage.

A professional Distribution Software from the Sector to the Sector


Successful project marketing requires several/different steps to be taken. From pricing to Renderingdesign to the virtual inspection/tour it is often a difficult way. Immonow offers freely selectable package solutions with optional additional services for a more efficient and less complicated marketing of small-scale and large-scale projects. These include among others the automated creation of a Landingpage for an optimal project overview as well as clear administration of pre-registered customers. Furthermore, the administration of the entire selling process is possible through our partners.


Immonow is simplifying the real estate brokerage for your enterprise and therefore will save time and costs involved. Your distribution team will benefit from a perfect organised distribution process. Immonow is reducing administrative effort by an efficient selection of potential tenants trough the Matching-Algorithm, customer communication via chat or straight forward agreements of viewing appointments with the Immonow-Online-Calendar. Additional services like editing the map, 360° round tours, and many more may be conducted through the property management directly.


You are looking for a new home? Use Immonow in order to make your search quicker and expedient. Simply create your personal search profile and customize your search criterion depending on your housing needs. You will receive real estate offers immediately after opening your profile for the public, benefit from the chat-function with the seller and may rely on the support in legal matters. With Immonow you are creating an overview within the complex property industry.

Private Landlords

Do you need support with the rental or sale of your property? But you wouldn’t like it to be left to the market? Use Immonow for those sectors, where u need assistance. Rely on the calendar-tool in order to make an appointment for the inspection, book the matching-tool in order to receive suitable recommendations of tenants/buyers or let us take over the inspection in case you do not have time. For a fixed price you can book flexible partial services as well as entire product packages with Immonow. Chose yourself how to market your property – our software is providing the appropriate support.

The biggest timewasters

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